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Our Story

It all began with a toothless grin. 
While passing out dental kits at Life Care Senior Center, I was warmly greeted by seniors who were often toothless. Their smiles were endearing despite the state of their teeth, but I began wondering how they could eat solid foods, like hard fruits and vegetables. I soon discovered that their diet consisted of soft, overcooked, mashed foods which were not only flavorless but also lacking in all the precious vitamins these seniors needed to thrive. I wanted to find a way to help. Having had my parents and grandparents juice for me ever since I was a toddler, I was inspired to undertake A Little Juice Project of my own. I began to press and create combinations of nutritious juices to share with the seniors, hoping to help them reap the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables while also keeping them hydrated. 
 As my project continues to grow, I have even enlisted the help of other students, through a club at school, and local grocers like Trader Joe’s. Although I have barely made a dent into the problems of malnutrition in nursing homes, I hope that my project will continue to flourish and maybe even become A BIG Juice Project.

Our story: About Us
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